Euphoria is Unapologetic!!

Season 1 Review (Spoilers) So I decided to start the new year by watching Euphoria since season 2 was right around the corner. And in case this is your first time hearing about this HBO Original led by Zendaya, it’s a drama that sheds light on drug addiction in the most grotesque yet captivating wayContinue reading “Euphoria is Unapologetic!!”

Why So Serious? The Pressure of Mistaking a Person’s Gender-Identity or Sexual Orientation.

This is a opinionated essay on how I feel this new decade should bring on regards to the growing increase of gender-queer individuals. So much so that I believe now is the time to educate people about the cycles of sexuality and gender-identity. ENJOY!!! It seems we live in an age where politeness is soContinue reading “Why So Serious? The Pressure of Mistaking a Person’s Gender-Identity or Sexual Orientation.”

Pride vs. Straight Pride

Pride Month is the only month of the year where people of LGBTQ get to celebrate who they can love. It’s the month that unites us all as whole and grants us the resources to keep fighting for LGBTQ rights. That’s why when a group of Evangelical Christians decided that there should be a straightContinue reading “Pride vs. Straight Pride”

POSE: Season 1 Review

Pose is an FX original series that is set in New York during the late 1980’s where the LGBT community is still finding it’s light in the dark. Ronald Reagan is still President and the HIV epidemic is at large. In dark times like this, a stigmatized community needs to find a haven where theyContinue reading “POSE: Season 1 Review”