The Beginning of 2019

Well, it’s finally here. 2019 is finally upon us and I’m sure everybody is going to have a resolution or a “new you” kind of attitude for the first couple of months. Normally I don’t take much thought about how I’m going to plan my New Year, but this time I’ve had a lot of time to think about what my time during 2019 should be spent on. Everyone is going to have changes and new paths to take this year, like trying to lose weight, cut down on drinking or smoking, or try saving money. Mine will only be one of those three (saving money), but my most imperative resolution for this year is to thrive in my college academics and transfer to Prairie View A&M.

I have a feeling that this year will be the redemption year for 2018, considering how rough 2018 was for the most part. I’m sure the majority of the people, including me, want to get a break from all the madness of 2018, considering that most of it was spent shooting up schools, building the wall, Republican extremist, child molesting rappers, and so on. And really, I don’t think that 2018 has never been more divided than it is now. But that’s why I have confidence that all of that can slowly change in the years to come, including 2019.

In conclusion, I’ll only say this. Don’t worry about having a resolution for the new year, just be sure you have plan in your life for the years to come and you won’t ever have to think up a resolution ever again.

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