Parents: The Good, The Bad, and the straight up Awful

There’s a lot of important things in this world that an individual needs to continue through life. But nothing is more important in this world than Parents. Parents are the backbone to every kids’ source of influence during every part of their life from baby to toddler to teen to adulthood. They are something that we shouldn’t take for granted and instead embrace with all of our hearts. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the comfort and love from my Mom (Jacqueline Wade) and the constructive criticism, tough love from my Dad (Kevin Wade). As much as we hate to admit it… we need our parents.

I know a lot of people that have had troubling families and not so good parents either, but parents can be the most encouraging and helpful beings on this earth if you have trust. To every parent, trust is the most important thing to have in order to keep their kids safe. I love my parents to death even though they can give me a hassle sometimes, but I know deep down that their heart is always in the right place. My mom and dad always express how much they love me all the time and it’s because they want to convey that no one else will love me more than them. Sometimes, I am reminded how blessed I am to have such an awesome family, but I also realize that not everybody has the same luxury of love and affection that I get from my parents.

Me and my Family at Pappadeaux celebrating Mother’s Day.

I have friends that have crazy moms and dads that take their hard earned money or kick them out for loving the same gender or just simply neglected them. I wish I could relate to what they go through but I can’t; I can only listen, feel sorry for them, and I feel shallow because of that. When kids have a traumatizing experience, it takes a toll on their ongoing lives and causes them to make the wrong choices when really all they need is love.

So if you are currently having arguments with your parents and feel like you’re going to hate them for the rest of your life, just take into account what parents go through on a daily basis with their children and all the sacrifices they give for the sake of their children. I know I will always love my parents because as my mom always says, “I will never stop loving you… unless you shoot me”.

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