Netflix Series Bojack Horseman Review

Highly acclaimed Netflix series, Bojack Horseman, is about an anthropomorphic celebrity that goes through a very depressing life as an actor who tries to cope with life by participating in drugs, alcohol, sexual intercourse and binge-watching his own sitcom show, Horsin’ Around. This is by far one of the most unique characters that I have ever enjoyed watching through the current 5 seasons of Bojack Horseman. This show excellently portrays what it’s like to have everything you want, yet not feel complete inside, which is extremely relating to audiences that go through depression, anxiety, and addiction. I didn’t think I would like this show at first because I am not a depressed person in general, so I thought that I wouldn’t relate to it as much but it’s not just Bojack that stands out. The supporting characters play a huge role in this series and also show great relatability to the viewers.

There are four supporting characters(Mr. Peanutbutter, Todd Chavez, Diane Nguyen, and Princess Carolyn) that all have great moments of character development and each represents a different personality that various individuals can relate too. For me, it was Mr. Peanutbutter, a very generous, jittery, clueless, inattentive, and a loveable dog. Throughout the series, his most noticeable struggle is holding a marriage with Diane Nguyen, who loves him very much but gets very annoyed by him most of the time because when he plans something, it’s mostly for his benefit, which comes across as selfish to Diane, despite Mr. Peanutbutter having the best intentions. A good example is when Mr. Peanutbutter takes Diane out for dinner for her Birthday and she has a great time, but then Mr. Peanutbutter goes over the top and throws a House-Party for her when she didn’t want one because she doesn’t like parties. I was in the same situation when I took my boyfriend to my best friend’s birthday house party to celebrate his 21st birthday and while I was having a great time, Alejandro wasn’t having as much fun because he didn’t know anybody and was just to himself while I was either hanging with my best friends or catching up with old friends from high school that I haven’t seen in years.

What really makes this show so popular is its realism and effortless representation of how far long-term depression goes for one person after dealing with it for so long. Bojack goes through many adventures to find himself or make him feel like he’s worth something but nothing has helped him. He has done so much from excluding his friends, consecutively running away from Los Angeles, to going on a binge-drinking spree, to even settling in a beat up house in Michigan, Bojack has done everything on the list to find happiness but the Journey still goes on and you can’t help but feel for Bojack despite all of the things he has done to himself and his loved ones. But what really makes Bojack the way he is is because of his troubling past and how his parents mistreated and shamed him for being alive. When he was a kid, his idol was Secretariat, a famous racing horse that Bojack would later play as in the movie adaptation of “Secretariat”. In one of the episodes, there was a flashback scene where young Bojack was watching Secretariat in an interview while smoking a cigarette. Because Bojack wanted to be cool like him, he took a cigarette from his mom’s purse and tried smoking it. When his mom caught him, she made him smoke the whole cigarette after she caught him, despite Bojack not liking it.

This year The Netflix series has won the Best Animated Series Award from the Critics Choice Television Awards and it most certainly deserves it because of how much the show itself has grown throughout its 5 seasons. No wonder the show has been approved for another season. I believe this show will be a way for teens and young adults to see how depression works in the mind and for the people with depression to feel like they are not the only one dealing with depression. As someone that has friends and family that currently have depression, I’ve witnessed the toll it takes on individuals and it’s not pretty, but seeing it be adapted in a dark comedy show like this makes me think that it will enlighten all people that are dealing with depression that you have worth in this world and you might not know it yet, but everybody you know loves you.

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