What Makes Valentine’s Day so Manufactured?

My boyfriend and I just celebrated Valentine’s day together and ate at a Pappasito’s Tex-Mex restaurant. Before this, we debated on celebrating Valentine’s day or not because we both know that this holiday is extremely manufactured and is the main cause of why people are broke at the end of the month because people want to impress their significant other. But we decided to do it anyway cause we thought it would be fun. I was able to get a day off from work by paying one of my coworkers $40 to take my shift so I can see my boyfriend, which is a factor in itself on how much money this holiday consumes. Alejandro (My boyfriend) was so sweet and got me a balloon, a stuffed puppy, and a heart full of starburst candy, which was $15. Then we went to Pappasito’s and spent around $58 on dinner, and finally, we drove to midtown and went biking, which was around $6.

With the money that we spent on the whole holiday and the gas that was consumed, we spent about $137 on Valentine’s Day. What makes this even more maddening is that if we decided to spend time with each other on our anniversary (5 days after Valentine’s Day) we would’ve spent at least half of what we consumed on Valentine’s day just for dinner. This goes to show that holidays like Valentine’s Day have imbued the majority of peoples’ minds that Valentine’s Day is such an important holiday when, in all reality, it’s a hoax to consume your hard earned money.

Valentine’s Day isn’t the most important day of the year. Yet, society still succumbs to buying superfluous things like chocolate hearts, flowers, and balloons to satisfy their significant other. Along with that, single individuals spend the day in despair because there’s love in the air and they’re not getting any of it. Now if propaganda wasn’t the main issue on why this holiday is so manufactured, then people would be focusing on the main theme of Valentine’s Day; Love.

Love confuses people to be drawn to Valentine’s Day because they think buying someone gifts will help them find love. However, it brings a strong message and brings the world together. Now that love has a more vibrant and diverse meaning to society, it has a bigger influence on individuals, such as hope, purpose, and conviction. Love is no longer selective or specific to one thing and disregarding another. Love is just “Love”.

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