Las Vegas: Top 7 Things To Do When You’re 21!!!

Congratulations; you are finally 21. You’re able to buy drinks, gamble, go to bars, clubs, and all of the others freedoms that this country provides. And if you’re a celebrator, like me, you’d want to celebrate it in a place where all the freedoms of being 21 are expressed in extravagant proportions. What better place to go to than The Sin City, Las Vegas. If you are planning a trip to Vegas, then here are the Top 7 things to do when you’re 21.

Number 1: Buy drinks

You’re 21 in Vegas so naturally you’re going to want to buy, beer, vodka, liquor, whiskey, rum, and tequila because you have the freedom to do so. If you’re with a group a friends in a hotel room, then the first thing to do is buy drinks and get drunk off the first night with shots, mixing drinks, and even playing drinking games. And the best part is that you won’t remember anything in the morning except vomiting before you went to bed. Or is that the worst part? In any case you’ll be having an awesome night.

Number 2: Going Out To Eat

Las Vegas has hundreds of restaurants on the strip that you can visit for a quick bite. You can probably find five restaurants in one hotel and never have to leave. What’s amazing about Vegas is that it’s a service/entertainment industry so any place you go to is going to have restaurants. You can find anything from Cajun, Southern BBQ, Vietnamese, Japanese, Seafood, Mexican, Italian, and the list just goes on and on. It seems almost as though every restaurant has a trait that makes them stand out from the others, whether that’s entertainment, good food, the best drinks, or just excellent service from the staff. This just goes to show that in Las Vegas, nothing is dull.

Number 3: Go Gambling

Now gambling is not for everybody, but if you have a lucky hand in rolling dice or flipping cards, i suggest you go gambling so you can earn hundreds of dollars. Every hotel in the strip has casinos (minus the Trump Hotel) so you can go to a neighboring hotel and try your hand at some slot machines or Black Jack or get creative and just gamble on the street; as long as you win some money while you do it. But if you’re a guy that deposits some $30 on a slot machine and only leave with $6.50 (me), I’d stay away from gambling.

Number 4: Bar Hopping

Just like there are restaurants on every block, there are also bars on every block. If you and your friends want to go to a bar but can’t decide on which one, just go from bar to bar and try all of their best drinks and get drunk while doing it. Now this is a required activity both for heavy-weight drinkers and if you have money to waist and if you have both those attributes then you’re in for a good night. If you go bar hopping, I suggest trying the Perfect Margarita from Margaritaville.

Number 5: Go Sightseeing

Las Vegas is such a beautiful city and there are so many things to see and activities to do like seeing the Statue of Liberty and The Eiffel Tower. There’s also zip lines, roller coasters, museums, aquariums, circus shows, a romantic boat that you can ride with your significant other and a Ferris Wheel. There are a lot of things to do in Vegas that can intrigue you in one way or another.

Number 6: Buying Marijuana

Nevada is one of many states that have legalized the consumption of marijuana so if you’re 21, then you can get a vast amount of different types of marijuana from pre-rolls, edibles, and even pens. Although they do have limits on where you can consume it, if you’re staying in you’re smoking suite or staying in an area with little to no people, then feel free to get as high as the replica Eiffel Tower.

Number 7: Go Clubbing

You’re in Vegas so of course you’re going to want to go clubbing on your 21st birthday. Whether it’s to dance your feelings away or just get drunk with tequila and vodka, there are clubs on every block in the Strip for you to choose. It’s a sea of lights, DJ’s, eye candy, drugs, alcohol, and wonderful music that you can sink your teeth into and just enjoy a night with your best friends.

In Vegas, nothing is dull and everything is lively. Las Vegas is an amazing place to go to for coming of age individuals that want to have a glamorous 21st birthday and be able to try everything on the table. It’s a place that opens your eyes to a world of wonder and opportunity to explore your freedoms. If you are contemplating on a 21st birthday vacation to go to, Las Vegas should be your unanimous decision because it has everything you can ask for, and then some.

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