Christianity is LOVE, Not RULES!!

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For most of the LGBT Community, religion is an enemy that follows them everywhere. From religious protesters to extremist, LGBT people are always discriminated by people of religion and are caused to believe that they’ll be “condemned” to hell. Everywhere around the world, gay people are dying and being persecuted because they can’t love who they want to love. Although change is happening in our country politically; socially, extremist are still attacking, condemning, discriminating, and killing people of LGBT. This is why gay people can’t fall behind religion because they’re afraid and don’t see a place for them in “God’s House”. But I and other individuals that still hold their faith, practice it often and don’t feel stigmatized by God because if He created me in His image, then there’s nothing for me to be afraid of.

On Easter Sunday, I was able to get the day off from work and I decided to go to church (River of Praise) with my family. Regrettably, it’s been a while since the last time I went to church. I’ve always had my faith contained in my heart but never went out to practice my religion because I felt I was working too much or had to focus on school. But when I did go, I always enjoyed hearing my Pastor preach because it was genuine and never neglectful of other things that might be considered “sinful”. After the church band finished performing, Pastor Richard came on stage to start speaking the Word; mentioning the resurrection of Christ and him dying for our sins but also spreading love for all man and not just the good ones.

But there was one thing that he said that resonated with me the most. He says that rules aren’t going to get you to heaven, it’s your relationship with God. What he means by that is you can read the bible daily, not eat meat on Fridays, or lose your virginity when engaged, but none of that will matter because that is not what gets you to heaven. It is accepting God from within yourself, therefore loving yourself and God as well. I loved hearing that because not all queer people see it that way. For most queers, they think that it’s too late for them and that they’re going to Hell anyway.

Hearing Pastor Richard say that made me believe that it’s okay to be bisexual and love God because He created me in His image both inside and out. So even if I don’t practice Christianity all the time, at least I still know that my faith in God is still intact as long as I know it. If there is any person of LGBT that is trying to come back to Church but afraid otherwise, just be sure to love yourself before you can love someone else.

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