Pride vs. Straight Pride

NYC Pride 2019 | WorldPride NYC | Stonewall50

Pride Month is the only month of the year where people of LGBTQ get to celebrate who they can love. It’s the month that unites us all as whole and grants us the resources to keep fighting for LGBTQ rights. That’s why when a group of Evangelical Christians decided that there should be a straight pride, you could best believe that there will be gargantuan backlash. There’s no reason to be “prideful” for being straight because the straight community has never been discriminated for loving an opposite-sex. So why host a Straight Pride parade?

What the straight community doesn’t understand about pride is that it isn’t just about being gay, bisexual, lesbian, or trans. It’s about what we, as a community, have had to deal with the discrimination, brutality, and innocent murdering of people of LGBTQ. It’s a celebration of being able to love who you want to love, ignoring the Christian protesters, and being able to kiss your same-sex lover without persecution or public shame. There is no way to take Pride and just turn it straight; because there is no solid history of a person being discriminated, brutalized, or murdered for loving the opposite sex. Instead it brings mockery towards everything the LGBTQ community has fought for and continuing to fight for. The only valid argument is that “If there weren’t straight people, then there’d be no gay people”, which is just another way to mock LGBTQ pride.

The reason why we don’t have a straight parade is the same reason why there isn’t a white history month. It’s because they’ve never had to fight for their existence like Black, Asian, or Hispanic people, who have had to fight just to live in the same country as them. It’s also why we celebrate success from individuals like Annise Parker, who was the first Mayor of Houston to be openly gay or Pete Buttigieg, who is the first openly gay candidate running for President. It is the type of success that we’ve fought for so long. The “American Dream” has been a metaphor for a selective few, being mostly white male, so imagine our excitement when that metaphor can now coincide with woman, people of LGBTQ, and people of color. It’s because a society as such deems the LGBTQ community unworthy of such achievements, so they try to keep them underground.

Cody Barlow, a self-described straight county from Cherokee County, Oklahoma, is the pride of LGBTQ advocates with his pickup truck message of support.

But what the straight community doesn’t understand is that all people of sexuality are welcome, including the straight community, because it celebrates happiness and love, not just the gay kind. That’s why you see straight people visiting pride festivals out of respect for what the LGBTQ community has fought for. Pride doesn’t exclude straight people because that expresses hypocrisy from our side. All that the LGBTQ community wants is acceptance from a society that discarded us from society since the 1980’s.

So instead of making a straight Pride, instead, come join the party; EVERYONE is welcomed! Because the LGBTQ community doesn’t celebrate pride just for being gay, we celebrate it for the ongoing fight for human rights, expressing love as just, and showing our colors wherever we go. Love is love, and that is what the message of Pride is; LOVE.


  1. In a weird way, I think it could be a good sign that you have a small percentage of people thinking this way; it shows how far we’ve come as gay people. It’s accepted that much more, on such a big level, that the idea of pride parade probably does seem gratuitous to some people.


    1. Exactly. And that’s why this Straight pride nonsense is nothing more than protest. Pride is much more than that. It’s celebratory event that represents everything the LGBT community has fought for.


  2. Astralware says:

    Honestly, simply ignoring the trolls who want to play their straight pride game is the best thing to. Give them no attention — and just keep standing strong, being who you were always meant to be…strong and beautiful. :


  3. Honestly, simply ignoring the trolls who want to play their straight pride game is the best thing to. Give them no attention — and just keep standing strong, being who you were always meant to be…strong and beautiful. :


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