Why So Serious? The Pressure of Mistaking a Person’s Gender-Identity or Sexual Orientation.

This is a opinionated essay on how I feel this new decade should bring on regards to the growing increase of gender-queer individuals. So much so that I believe now is the time to educate people about the cycles of sexuality and gender-identity. ENJOY!!!

It seems we live in an age where politeness is so expected, that everyone gets offended by the littlest of things. Topics like gender-identity, politics, out-of-closet celebrities, and the beauty community (that’s just to name a few) are where controversy spawn the most. There are so many sensitive and misunderstood people on social media that flood the airwaves when a phrase, comment, or statement is dubbed “offensive”. There’s no more room for being expressive because the idea of expressing yourself has evolved. So much from changing your fashion aesthetic, to now being able to parade your sexuality at a pride festival without prejudice.   


One of the most common offensive remarks are when someone misuses an individual’s  gender identity. For example, Non-binary- When a person’s sexuality spectrum varies between masculinity and femininity with “They, their, them” pronouns-  is becoming the new norm and there are many people that are very confused by how they should approach someone that’s non-binary. Celebrities like Sam Smith, India Moore, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevigne, and Adore Delano have all come out as Non-Binary or gender-queer. So how should you approach someone that has a sexual orientation that you don’t understand? 

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Let them explain it for you. Because if you try asking a question, whether from ignorance or curiosity, it will most likely come off as offensive and insensitive. So questions like, “what’s going on down there”,  “are you a drag queen”, or “what bathroom do you use” are just too blunt and personal for a gender-queer to answer. Instead, let them tell you who they are. It’s easier to let them introduce themselves then try to figure it out yourself because they don’t expect you to know right off the bat. 

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People that are non-binary or transgender don’t expect you to understand their identity right away, just respect their ideals and choices. Because all they want to be, like all people of LGBT, is accepted as human beings. Since the sexuality spectrum has expanded throughout the past decade, now it is time to educate ourselves and future generations about sexual orientation and gender identity. The term “sex” has evolved into so much more than male or female; now sex can be manufactured by that person’s coming of age process as he/she/they find their true self.

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