What Does It Take To Impeach President Trump!

U.S. President Donald Trump ATTENDS a bilateral meeting with Iraq’s President Barham Salih on the sidelines of the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York City, New York, U.S., September 24, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

There is a lot of speculation and debate within congress on whether Trumps past actions such as encouraging a crowd to outcry “SEND HER BACK”, or “All Mexicans are criminals” are enough to provoke The House of Representatives to impeach Trump. Unfortunately. to think that common courtesy towards an un-president like ego such as Trump’s would be enough to dictate his place in office is naive to say the least. So what kind of spectacular phenomenon does Trump need to get kicked of office?

To most of the majority people are ecstatic to see that Trump has finally been impeached for something that he has been doing since his first 2016 campaign: Looking for dirt on his competitors via foreign affairs with Ukraine. This stunt was just the thing to give people the ammunition to get him out of office. But impeaching Trump is not the only way to remedy our problems. No, in fact, there is another way to keep him from staying in office and that is to simply IGNORE HIM.

Here me out on this. Why does Trump have such an astounding following despite his ignorant ego? Because that ego is exactly why people love him so much. His actions are very similar to how Kanye West presents himself. One reason why people despise Kanye is his ego, despite his recognized talent as an artist. The stunts West pulls are just as controversial in a social aspect as the stunts that Donald Trump pulls in a the political aspect. In Kanye’s case, everyone just ignores him cause his stunts bring no significance or relevancy to the social media or any other platform. For example, when Kanye publicly went to the White House and expressed how much he supports Trump where both he and President Trump’s egos were at their highest. Or when he made the most infamous opinion that slavery was a choice.

Democratic Candidates Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg

In contrast, Donald Trump is doing the exact same strategy in order to win his second term. In all reality, Trump has nothing to offer or promise for in his journey to attain a second term. Therefore, we will eventually ignore every stunt that Trump tries to pull on them. And when the other presidential candidates like Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren realize his jokes, Trump will become irrelevant and eventually lose his chance coming back to the White House.

In conclusion, as the new decade approaches, Trump’s status as a legit candidate will debilitate as soon as people realize that Trump is all talk and no action. He’ll lose his legitimacy as a potential candidate and when that happens, either he will be impeached or lose the 2020 election. Either way, he will be known as the worst president alive.

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