Pride, Prejudice, and Guns (Don’t forget Racism)

What makes America one of the leading countries with an abnormal and bizarre case of mass shootings in the past decade? Probably because there’s not a STRONG form of leadership to be found anywhere in the Republican or Democratic parties. Just agendas that are driven by greed, deceit, misinformation, manipulation, and HATE. Not unlike the evil and heinous mass shooting in Uvalde, TX, that killed 19 children and 2 teachers. All thanks to Greg Abbott and his laws that allow 18-year-olds to carry firearms without a license or background; that includes AR-15s.

Since the year started, we have had over 200 mass shootings in the United States, including the shooting that killed 10 senior black civilians at a Tops grocery store in Buffalo. And now the people are asking the Senate and all of the leaders in power, “When are we going to do something?”. It’s aching to see so many innocent lives taken for no reason other than the hatred filled in that shooter’s soul. The fact that hate and fear have been the drive forwarding these awful crimes, and politicians watch in clear view of the carnage presented to them, yet they still do nothing. All of these “thoughts and prayers” are just a void of nothingness coming out of their mouths to excuse their actions that led to this.

Whether Greg Abbott likes it or not, his laws have done more harm than good, and the fact that he and other Republican politicians are proposing teachers be armed in the wake of shootings is the complete opposite of what the people want. The GOP doesn’t realize that what they are doing is attracting HATEFUL groups and giving them a voice and the drive to actually do harm. Or maybe they do. Maybe, they are just wading in the waters until they get the chance to attempt another coup and try to ransack the Capitol. I’m speculating, of course.

The point is that right now, we can’t worry about changing the opinions of others because Action needs to be made now. The people are tired of seeing so much death on the next BREAKING NEWS.

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