Going Back To College and How It’s Been So Far.

I started school at Lonestar after a two year hiatus because I’m ready to put myself out there as a writer in the world. After working at multiple restaraunts during the pandemic, working paycheck to paycheck, I finally decided that now is the time for me to find my voice. Being a bartender is great, mostly because I enjoy making cocktails, but it’s the high reliability on tips and sometimes ruthless clientel that drives me away from the industry overall. I was almost contempt with making the server industry my career, but then I realized that I shouldn’t settle for less and, instead, I should actually reach for the career that I want to be in.

Preparing to go back to school wasn’t easy for me. Mostly because I knew that I had to start almost from scratch, considering that my GPA was a 1.5 ( Crazy, I know) and I had to get a PASS Advisor, a counselor who helps struggling students, to approve the classes that I would end up taking, which is only two. There were also some classes that I’d have to retake, if I want to transfer to the University I want. I had to learn to not be scared of the journey and just work through the obstacles in my way. But first, I have to get my Associates Degree of Arts.

I decided to have my two classes be the easiest ones; English and Physical Education (PE). Both are easy and required of me to take in order to graduate. Besides having a bumby enrollment process, I’m also having issues being the oldest in the class. Everyone I knew from back in 2020 either dropped out or graduated already. It made even more insecure about being behind. For example, today in PE, I asked someone when they graduated because they mentioned the Klein District (where I went to High School) and he said “I graduated last year”. I cringed so hard! I graduated in 2016 so you can imagine how slight awkward I felt about that.

Aside from being insecure about going to College at 24, I’m also busy almost every day. Being a bartender in Texas is very exhausting. Before this semester started, I was working two jobs as a server. But I left one of them so I could be lessed stressed about school. During the week, I’m hopping from work to class with only a one hour window, switching to comfortable clothes when I get to class. At that point I’m so tired from work that I am barely able to listen to my professor. I started drinking coffee again to help with that, but it only does so much. After work and class, I end up home, late in the evening, and, on top of everything else, I have to cook at night for my boyfriend and me.

The only reason why I wanted to go back to school is because, this time, I’m going to do it for me. I finally know what I want to do in life. That’s why I have this Blog, this platform, and it’s because I want to be a journalist. It may take some years, but I’m not going to let procrastination, work-life, bad grades, or any of the other trials and tribulations that I face, prevent me from having a degree and a successful career.

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