What Does It Take To Impeach President Trump!

There is a lot of speculation and debate within congress on whether Trumps past actions such as encouraging a crowd to outcry “SEND HER BACK”, or “All Mexicans are criminals” are enough to provoke The House of Representatives to impeach Trump. Unfortunately. to think that common courtesy towards an un-president like ego such as Trump’sContinue reading “What Does It Take To Impeach President Trump!”

Why So Serious? The Pressure of Mistaking a Person’s Gender-Identity or Sexual Orientation.

This is a opinionated essay on how I feel this new decade should bring on regards to the growing increase of gender-queer individuals. So much so that I believe now is the time to educate people about the cycles of sexuality and gender-identity. ENJOY!!! It seems we live in an age where politeness is soContinue reading “Why So Serious? The Pressure of Mistaking a Person’s Gender-Identity or Sexual Orientation.”

When Habits Turn Into Addictions

This is going to be a short blog because I’m not trying to put out facts but relativity to what addiction is and possibly reach out to people that may have a problem. So the past three months since turning 21, I’ve developed a couple of habits that have brought opinionated feedback from my lovedContinue reading “When Habits Turn Into Addictions”

Christianity is LOVE, Not RULES!!

For most of the LGBT Community, religion is an enemy that follows them everywhere. From religious protesters to extremist, LGBT people are always discriminated by people of religion and are caused to believe that they’ll be “condemned” to hell. Everywhere around the world, gay people are dying and being persecuted because they can’t love whoContinue reading “Christianity is LOVE, Not RULES!!”

The Day I Made Someone’s Day Because I’m Autistic

Autism is a disorder that impairs one’s ability to communicate and socially interact with other individuals. More than 200,000 people are diagnosed every year and it changes the way parents view their kids in more ways than one. As an autistic myself, I have struggled with this disorder (along with ADD) for most of myContinue reading “The Day I Made Someone’s Day Because I’m Autistic”

Las Vegas: Top 7 Things To Do When You’re 21!!!

Congratulations; you are finally 21. You’re able to buy drinks, gamble, go to bars, clubs, and all of the others freedoms that this country provides. And if you’re a celebrator, like me, you’d want to celebrate it in a place where all the freedoms of being 21 are expressed in extravagant proportions. What better placeContinue reading “Las Vegas: Top 7 Things To Do When You’re 21!!!”

3 best things to do at a Coffee Lounge

Four to five days out of the week I’m always drinking coffee, whether I’m doing homework, spending time with my boyfriend or just unwinding in a study-friendly environment. Coffee is a very demanding beverage because it’s the most reliable get-me-up for the day when someone has to go to work or stay awake for theirContinue reading “3 best things to do at a Coffee Lounge”