What Makes Valentine’s Day so Manufactured?

My boyfriend and I just celebrated Valentine’s day together and ate at a Pappasito’s Tex-Mex restaurant. Before this, we debated on celebrating Valentine’s day or not because we both know that this holiday is extremely manufactured and is the main cause of why people are broke at the end of the month because people wantContinue reading “What Makes Valentine’s Day so Manufactured?”

What an “Okay” Time To Be an American

“IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE AN AMERICAN”. Sure; if you’re okay with living in a country that has everything from racism, homophobic prejudice, hate crimes, mass incarceration, and a President that has no earthly clue on how to run a country. In the past couple of years, Since Donald Trump has been President, hate,Continue reading “What an “Okay” Time To Be an American”

Netflix Series Bojack Horseman Review

Highly acclaimed Netflix series, Bojack Horseman, is about an anthropomorphic celebrity that goes through a very depressing life as an actor who tries to cope with life by participating in drugs, alcohol, sexual intercourse and binge-watching his own sitcom show, Horsin’ Around. This is by far one of the most unique characters that I haveContinue reading “Netflix Series Bojack Horseman Review”

Why marijuana should be legalized all over America!!

Ever since the 1970s, Marijuana has been a mainstream gateway drug for the majority of the population. It has many names from dope to weed to Mary Jane and has made a name for itself for the past 40 years it’s been around. It has become a theme among hippies for peace on earth duringContinue reading “Why marijuana should be legalized all over America!!”

Parents: The Good, The Bad, and the straight up Awful

There’s a lot of important things in this world that an individual needs to continue through life. But nothing is more important in this world than Parents. Parents are the backbone to every kids’ source of influence during every part of their life from baby to toddler to teen to adulthood. They are something thatContinue reading “Parents: The Good, The Bad, and the straight up Awful”

I’m afraid of me and my boyfriend’s future.

Relationships are not easy at all. If you know someone that thinks relationships are easy, whack’em with a bat for me, please. But on a serious note, I know a lot of friends, including myself, that are in pretty serious relationships and have no idea on what their future will be together. I know aContinue reading “I’m afraid of me and my boyfriend’s future.”