My name is Cameron Wade. I’m 20 years old, bisexual and I’m from Houston, TX trying to become a writer. Things to know about me is that I’m 6’3, have a family of 6 including myself, my parents, and my three siblings (two sisters, one brother). My ethnicity is African American believe it or not, but I don’t deny the fact that I’m mixed with other ethnicities but it’s only because I’m surrounded by black customs from my family more than any other race I have. But for those who are curious, I’m black, Irish, and Native American.

My hobbies are hanging out with my friends, smoking hookah, spending time with my family and boyfriend, playing ping pong with my friends from college, and my favorite… writing. I like to write because it has always a way for me to hone my creativity and express how I feel about everyday life. Honestly, before this, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in life. First I said that I wanted to be an Olympic athlete, then a track & field coach, then a history teacher, and a construction engineer. But none of those ideas stuck with me because I couldn’t see myself in the future doing that for my entire life. It wasn’t until my last semester at Lone Star in an English class that I had finally found out what I want to do with my life. One of the reasons why I didn’t think I would fit in those other careers was because either the pay stub was too low, or I’d have to do a lot of math to get towards that career.

I’ve always been a strong writer (so what my professors have told me) and I have a feeling that being a writer will be the career choice that I can flourish in and I hope you guys (the readers) are behind me on this because this is my first time writing a blog and I have no idea what I’m doing. But then again, I’ve always been one to go with the flow.