I’m afraid of me and my boyfriend’s future.

Relationships are not easy at all. If you know someone that thinks relationships are easy, whack’em with a bat for me, please. But on a serious note, I know a lot of friends, including myself, that are in pretty serious relationships and have no idea on what their future will be together. I know a little something about that myself, and it’s scary but thrilling at the same time. Relationships are unpredictable and risky, but that’s the best part about it: they test your best attributes while also giving clarity about what you want and what you don’t want in a relationship.`But that’s what love is all about, right.

My boyfriend, Alejandro, and I have been together for six and a half months, and they have been the best six months of my life. We’re starting 2019 together by saving a budget so that we can have enough money to have an apartment together in Hempstead, TX so that we can be nearby when I transfer to Prairie and when he starts his education at Lone Star. While I’m excited to have an apartment with my boyfriend, I’m also terrified for when the time comes. One of the reasons why I’m scared is because this is a big step into this relationship and knowing myself, I’m not that reliable when it comes to important things like saving money. Although I try, I feel like I’ll relapse and go back to ignoring the important things, and overall, completely shut off my boyfriend. I already scared him with the messages of me being a bit too flirtatious with other guys on Instagram, which is to be expected cause I did do it behind his back. That was the last time that I would ever upset him ever again. But even he admits that he hasn’t fully forgiven me for the mishap. I haven’t forgiven myself either for doing something so stupid and almost losing. Sometimes I feel like breaking it off here and now just to save him the burden from dealing with my bad habits.

Alejandro and I in the vintage on our 5 month anniversary

But then I realize that there’s a reason why he has stuck with me in these past six months. Relationships will inevitably have their ups and downs, but the fact that we can bounce back from our comeuppances is why we are making this relationship work. Because there is a light in the depths are the darkness and as long as we journey ourselves to the light of our love for each other, we will get through anything. Alejandro has opened my eyes and helped me believe that he and I can make it through the year, despite my actions, and that’s what I love about him. From what he and I have gone through, there’s no turning back now.

In conclusion, if you are afraid of what your future with your significant other will look like in the future, there’s no telling. But that doesn’t mean you should run away from it. Instead, you should embrace the unknown and let faith in you and your lover guide you to the possibility that you guys will grow, settle, and have a family. The point is that you can’t close off your heart out of fear that you’ll be disappointed with the outcome. You have to take a leap of faith.

P.S. If you didn’t know I’m bisexual. SURPRISE!!!

The Beginning of 2019

Well, it’s finally here. 2019 is finally upon us and I’m sure everybody is going to have a resolution or a “new you” kind of attitude for the first couple of months. Normally I don’t take much thought about how I’m going to plan my New Year, but this time I’ve had a lot of time to think about what my time during 2019 should be spent on. Everyone is going to have changes and new paths to take this year, like trying to lose weight, cut down on drinking or smoking, or try saving money. Mine will only be one of those three (saving money), but my most imperative resolution for this year is to thrive in my college academics and transfer to Prairie View A&M.

I have a feeling that this year will be the redemption year for 2018, considering how rough 2018 was for the most part. I’m sure the majority of the people, including me, want to get a break from all the madness of 2018, considering that most of it was spent shooting up schools, building the wall, Republican extremist, child molesting rappers, and so on. And really, I don’t think that 2018 has never been more divided than it is now. But that’s why I have confidence that all of that can slowly change in the years to come, including 2019.

In conclusion, I’ll only say this. Don’t worry about having a resolution for the new year, just be sure you have plan in your life for the years to come and you won’t ever have to think up a resolution ever again.

The Journey Begins

Hi everyone, My name is Cameron T. Wade and this is the start of my blogging page that I suddenly just thought about doing overnight. Why am I all of the sudden starting a blog? Well first of all, because WHY NOT! Second of all, I personally believe that words are powerful and can be used to the best of your ability and this blog is a way for me to find outlet towards the ongoing things that I think about so much that I have no choice but to write it out.

My blogs content will be based on a couple of things, like politics, movie and TV show reviews, strange life hacks, ect. Over all this blog will mostly contain my opinion on whatever comes to my mind. I really enjoy being a writer and as a 20 year-old, I feel like if I want to succeed in journalism, then I should probably start small. As for how often I’m going to be blogging, I haven’t set a plan or routine for when I should but what I do know is that I’ll be doing it more than once a week. 

I really hope you guys enjoy what I write and I look forward to hearing your comments and opinions on all the things going on in this world that you’ll find hear on the baby website. Enjoy!!!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton